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Dar's By Design Free Treats:

The angel and the sheep are simple little desktop toys that still appear to work with Windows XP. And for those of you who haven't played FrogPult, we've included that one too. Frogpult also appears to still work with XP. Last, but not least, a frog font created by our own Bella. Click on the images to download the files.

screen saver       screen saver       screen saver       font

Note: When you execute the sheep, be sure to double click on him, check all the boxes you see, and close the file to hear the charming noises he makes. He's Asian in origin and you must "right double click" to make him disappear from your desktop.

We also offer frog puzzles, flower eating frogs, a bit of frog fun with java applets, drawings donated by our visitors, and even artwork by world renown artist, Royce B. Mclure.

Stop by and pick up your free frog wallpaper, compliments of Debbie Orlean. Debbie is our much esteemed, nature photographer and old friend.

We also offer free wallpaper on our puzzle page, but... there's a catch. heh, heh...

Not to mention links to the best Frog sites we could find on the web.

For easiest navigation and to find ALL the frogs on our entire web site, Click Here!

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